ExoFrame is a Warsaw University of Technology spin-off that develops solutions for passive exoskeletons, as well as exoskeletons with automatic control of working joints’ characteristics (semi-passive). The technology demonstrators, stemming from over 8 years of academic research have been developed and tested by ExoFrame co-owners, then patented by the company itself or the Warsaw University of Technology, that licenses them exclusively to ExoFrame afterwards.
ExoFrame works on exoskeletons that are a closefitting human body (in order to avoid collisions with the surroundings) and that allow free, anatomical movement similar to human natural motion. This approach is realized by smart mechanical joints solutions and compensation mechanisms which are simple and robust, yet able to imitate complex anatomic joints movements.

2012-2017 Active exoskeleton research project funded by NCBiR for polish Ministry of Defense
2017-2019 Passive exoskeleton research funded by Warsaw University of Technology
2019 Establishment of ExoFrame sp. z o.o. as spin-off company from Warsaw University of Technology


Mechanical Enginner, since 2013 works on exoskeletons designing. The Ph.D. degree obtained for dissertation on active exoskeletons. The CEO at ExoFrame.

Electric Engineer graduated in 1987 MSC EE in Lublin University of Technology with specialty of “Electric drives and automation”. In 1987 started to work as designer. For many years works on robots dedicated to special usage. Responsible for R&D.

Mechanical Enginner since 2015 works on exoskeletons designing. Responsible for R&D.

Robotics engineer and entrepreneur. Studied in Warsaw, Poland and Nagoya, Japan. In 2002 awarded Archimedes Prize, granted to most promising your European scientist. Involved in projects combining biomechanics and software development. Responsible for business development.

Software developer and entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in business management. Responsible for integrating the exoskeletons with uniforms and equipment as well as for business development.

Applied Research Institute – Warsaw Institute of Technology of Warsaw University of Technology. Responsible for R&D transfer to the industry.